ReadyList Automates C. Difficile Compliance Reporting

To combat rising C. difficile infection rates in their medical center, Infection Prevention and Environment Services (EVS) departments from one ReadyList client implemented a strict two-cleaning protocol. Known as “C-2 cleaning”, any room housing a patient known or suspected to be infected with C.diff must be cleaned two times per day, once on first shift and again on second shift.

Then, the medical center enlisted the help of ReadyList to automate the process!

Fortunately, daily cleans were already being recorded in ReadyList. However, we did upgrade our product to enable a new tagging feature. Now, EVS technicians tag their first and second “daily cleans” of the day within ReadyList.

The specific instruction for EVS technicians is to:
1) identify the patient room as a C. diff room using door signage
2) perform a daily clean on the room, and before “submitting” the clean in ReadyList, click the tag to match the techs shift. If a first shift clean, click the “C2-1st” tag. If a second shift clean, click the “C2-2nd” tag.

Supervisors then monitor unit-specific dashboards during second shift to ensure that the C-2 two-cleaning protocol has been met for all patient rooms each day. Monthly, reports are automatically generated, then assessed by EVS and Infection Prevention departmental leadership.

For additional information on the C-2 C. difficile two-cleaning protocol or to learn more about how ReadyList can help you automate such a protocol, please contact us.

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