Streamline Daily OR Activities & Staff Management with Automated Reporting


As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” As an OR leader, you manage very large teams of staff—and it’s nearly impossible to closely monitor each individual on a daily basis, especially while simultaneously addressing your many other daily responsibilities.

In this blog, we discuss how automated staff reporting tools simplify monitoring and measurement, so you can ensure your OR is running smoothly and each team member is held accountable for essential tasks.

Benefits of automated reporting

If you’re like most, your operating rooms are loaded with the latest technologies, yet you account for your team’s daily activities using whiteboards and paper-based assignments. Overwhelmed supervisors simply don’t have time to manually track daily staff responsibilities and performance—while also ensuring quality surgical care and keeping surgeons happy.

That’s why an automated team productivity solution can be so impactful. Here are a few ways that you and your OR can benefit:

  • Measure each employee’s performance regularly, and identify areas for improvement or training
  • Have a record of each completed task to ensure proper protocols are followed
  • Easily comply with regulatory audits
  • Evaluate daily operational tasks and find opportunities to streamline and improve
  • Keep track of downtime activities to ensure each is completed

How to use automated reporting to boost staff performance

The benefits of automated staff reporting are detailed above, so this section will focus on concrete ways to use that staff activity and performance data tracked:

  • Take note of activities a particular employee often forgets or mishandles; this may be an opportunity for 1:1 training
  • Similarly, use your electronic reports in employee performance evaluations, to measure performance over time, discuss areas of weakness/opportunity, set short- and long-term goals, and inform salary decisions
  • Identify activities the entire or majority of the staff struggles to remember or accomplish properly; institute in-service training to improve those metrics
  • Use data collected to implement contests and individual/group goal setting challenges to improve specific areas

Sound overwhelming? All of this reporting is easy and at your fingertips when using a software tool like ReadyList. Learn more about how we partner with ORs like yours today. 

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Streamline Anesthesia Technicians Daily Activities

Do you agree? Leave us a comment.